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Season And Conditions - The proverbial "Trump card" of factors.  These two items will play a key roll in how we approach your trip.  Inevitably, every year we have people that are dead set on fishing a certain way for a certain species.  As much as we'd love to accommodate each and every request, its sometimes counterproductive with respect to the conditions or season in play. For example, with respect to a seasonal factor, its very unlikely that we will be able to produce a large number of fish or quality experience if a client is intent on fishing top water for bass in late August.  The fish simply aren't there.   In reference to a factor of conditions, we would definitely advise against slip bobber fishing in a 40mph wind and 4 foot waves.  
We certainly don't want to steer you away from any of the things you would like to do on your adventure, and we'll always entertain a client's request within reason.  We just ask that you consider our local knowledge and heed our suggestions.  We truly have your best interest in mind.

Skill Set - The importance of honestly conveying you and your party's skill set/ level cannot be overstated.  

We can accommodate anyone from professional tournament anglers to first time novices. However, how we plan our day, where we choose to fish and how we choose to fish will depend heavily on where your skill set falls.  Not that we want to put anybody on the spot but being a little forthcoming in this respect will drastically increase the quality of the experience for you and your party.  Not to mention you'll catch more fish!!



Operating throughout the Eastern Region of Manitoba has its undeniable benefits.  This area is the most species diverse region found across the Canadian Prairies.  With a myriad number of accessible lakes and rivers, guests of Bruin Outfitting can choose from, Walleye, Northern Pike, Crappie, Smallmouth Bass, Sturgeon, Lake Trout, Muskie, Perch, Whitefish and Goldeye.   Those willing to go the extra mile by foot can also access Brook Trout, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout and Splake in a number of stocked trout lakes throughout the area.

With all this right outside our front door, the Eastern Region of Manitoba is truly an angler's paradise!

*For more information regarding Manitoba fish species, stocking reports and angling regulations click the link and visit the Manitoba Anglers Guide Online.  


Although we're quite at home travelling overland on snowy trails to access back country waters and drilling endless holes on the expanse of frozen Manitoba lakes during the ice fishing season, we are always looking forward to getting back in the boat and making long casts!  The Manitoba winters can be long and our Lund Pro Guide 2075 and 200hp Mercury Verado, fully rigged with St. Croix rods and Shimano reels, are ready and waiting to get you out there and put you on the bite!


Keeping Fish -  Although we strongly believe in catch and release sport angling we are quite aware that many of these fish make for excellent table fare. 
At Bruin Outfitting we urge every angler to consider the future of the resource when deciding on whether or not to keep fish and if so, how many.  If you desire to take some home we will clean and package the fish so they are ready for the freezer and adhere to the laws regarding the transportation of game fish species.  
As a company policy we DO NOT keep trophy class fish.  If you would like a mount of your trophy fish, we work with several local taxidermists that can make you a replica that will last a lifetime.  We thank you for your cooperation and for helping to ensure that anglers will enjoy excellent sport fishing in Manitoba's Eastern region for years to come. 

Lunch -  Bruin Outfitting guests can choose from 3 ​​lunch options for their daily excursions. 
DIY and pack your own sandwiches, snacks etc.. or,
Have lunch prepared by us!  Choose between having a standard lunch (Includes 2 sandwiches, fruit and snack),  
A BBQ on shore (hot dogs, burgers, brats or smokies) or, 
Enjoy the classic Canadian shore lunch prepared with fresh fish on the shores of one of our many lakes and rivers.  
Bottled water will be provided daily for all anglers.

*If you're planning on letting us do the cooking please be sure to notify us of any dietary needs or food allergies in advance.  

Rods and Reels ​-  Matt Cornell has been a St.Croix Endorsed Guide since 2003.  As a member of their Guide Program we are able to pass along the luxury of fishing with "the best rods on earth" to each and every Bruin Outfitting client.
We cover everything from ultra light panfish models to Sturgeon fishing with over 50 technique specific rod and reel combinations at your disposal.  ​

Your Boat -  Guests of Bruin Outfitting can expect the best in terms of equipment and comfort.  You and your party will be fishing out of a 20ft Lund Pro Guide 2075.  Powered by a supercharged 200hp Mercury Verado the combo lends us all the throttle we need to get you up and on the fish in no time.  The air ride seats will  keep you comfortable in rough conditions and the spacious design makes fishing with up to four anglers a breeze!
With 36V Minn Kota trolling motors front and back and 3 Lowrance HDS networked graphs we can keep you in the strike zone and in the know at all times!
This boat was built with one purpose mind; to keep clients and guides on the fish and comfortable.  As Such, its the perfect fit for Bruin Outfitting and Guide Service and our guests.

​Species and Aspirations - Its a common fact that certain lakes and rivers are better for some species than they are for others so knowing what your favorite species is or at least what you'd like to focus on catching is critical. 
Just as important to us is knowing "how" you would prefer to fish. For example, do you enjoy trolling over casting? jigging in current or bottom bouncing?  Fly fishing?  Conventional?  Both?  

It may seem like redundant information but its all in the name of producing the highest quality experience for you and the rest of your party.  With that in mind its best to have an idea of what your priorities are from an angling perspective so we can accurately tailor a trip specifically for your group.  


Your day with Manitoba fishing guide Matt Cornell and Bruin Outfitting will begin with front door pick up at one of the many resorts found in the area or, feel free to bring your own vehicle and meet us at any launch or dock.   From there, we'll make our way to one of the dozens of water bodies the Eastern Region has to offer.  ​ Sit back and Let us take care of all your fishing needs.  we have all the amenities needed for a first class experience on the water, read below and see for yourself!! 


As we prepare for your trip, there are a few things to consider that will drastically help us in producing a high quality, memorable experience for you and your party.  Species and aspirationsskill set and season and conditions will all play a factor in determining the venue and approach we use to get the best out of the time we have together.  Here's a brief overview of what we mean and a few things to consider.

Bruin Outfitting Manitoba Fishing Guide offers guided fishing, guided ice fishing and guided fly fishing for walleye northern pike and musky.

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