Are you a conventional angler interested in trying your hand at fly fishing?  We have years of fly fishing and instructing experience to help you take the initial steps towards landing your first trophy fish "On the fly!!

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When planning your Manitoba fly fishing adventure its very important to match your gear and target species with the seasons.  Having the right gear for the conditions and approach will significantly up your odds of success.  At Bruin Outfitting we keep a variety of St. Croix fly rods on hand at all times with  various lines ready to go! This way if you forget your sink tip at home or want to try a 9wt rod for Pike we've got you looked after.

Spring Fever! - For most game fish species in the Eastern Region, spring presents the most favorable fly fishing conditions.  The colder water and spawning cycles of fish like Walleye, Pike and Bass push the fish up higher in the water column and tighter to shallow structure making it easier to target high percentage environments with floating and intermediate lines. The skinny water and aggressive nature of the spring fish combine to produce explosive strikes and great action.

Moving Deeper - As the season progresses the fish move into deeper structure, typically feeding on larger bait off secondary drops at the edge of deeper basins.  during this time  we switch to sink tip and full sink lines to get us down to the fish.  Look for Deceivers and other bait fish patterns to be your top producing flies.

Cabbage Giants! - Coming into the "dog days of summer" fly fishing opportunities for most Eastern Region game fish species begins to diminish slightly.  That being said, weed growth is generally at its peek and such cover usually doesn't come without fish!!  In these conditions we like to focus on enticing large Pike with over sized flies.  Its not uncommon to use larger saltwater flies (6"- 10") to trigger strikes on these predators. During this time you'll definitely want to be packing a 9 and/ or 10wt rod to help pull these toothy trophies out of the cabbage.  A sink tip or intermediate line is generally best.  

Silver Bullets - Moving into fall, the Eastern Region is abuzz with one of Manitoba's most iconic angling anomalies... The Goldeye Run!   Schooling up by the hundreds, these silvery bullets make for a fun filled excursion for fly anglers of all skill sets!  Using 4- 6wt rods to drift chironomids and nymphs down seams of flowing water or floating dry flies in back pools is guaranteed to put a smile on any angler's face!  The "user friendly" disposition of these fish also make them a great species for introducing young or conventional anglers to the world of fly fishing.

Regardless of the season, the Eastern Region offers a steady stream of fly angling potential. At Bruin Outfitting, all we need to know is where to pick you up so we can put you on the spot and watch you set in to one of the area's many trophy fish species.



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When most people think about fishing for species like Walleye, Bass, Northern Pike or Crappie conventional spinning and casting gear is what first comes to mind.  However, the reality is that each of those species present excellent opportunities for the fly angler. 

Be it casting poppers into rock and timber for bass or throwing large Deceivers over cabbage for Pike, Bruin Outfitting has the knowledge, equipment and experience to make your Manitoba fly fishing adventure a lasting memory that will keep you coming back to wet a line in the Eastern Region waters year after year.

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