Matt Cornell is the Owner and Operator of Bruin Outfitting and Guide Service. 

An 18 year veteran of the guiding industry, Matt has taken his passion for the outdoors all across Canada. 

Born in Manitoba and raised on the banks of the Winnipeg River, Matt developed a love for angling almost at birth.  

​Although Matt endears himself to a variety of outdoor pursuits, from guiding waterfowl hunts on the vast Canadian prairies to stalking Black Bear and Whitetail through the swamps and ridges of the Eastern Region, he says his true home is on the water.  

"Theres just something about fishing..." He states, "most days I can't quite put my finger on it.  But anyone who's ever been caught off guard by a strike or heard the drag peeling off a reel knows what that can do to a person.  It can change your life really." ​​

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Bruin Outfitting Manitoba fishing Guide


After a decade and a half of following the fish across Canada, Matt now finds himself back at home in Manitoba, fishing the water where he cut his teeth as an angler.  It is here in Manitoba's Eastern Region where his days are focused on the pursuit of all the species the area has to offer. Waiting to drill the next hole or make the next cast , constantly evaluating the changing seasons, he endeavors to show each and every one of his clients a truly world class angling experience.


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